December 09, 2011

My Collage Prints for Sale at Treasure & Bond, Soho

imageMy collage prints are available for sale at Treasure & Bond, a cool new emporium at 350 West Broadway.  The sale of my work will support such causes as The Children’s Health Fund and Coalition for the Homeless.
This series of poster-sized prints, each 22’ x 29”—the results of many walks through New York City—is on display starting today.  Treasure & Bond, a foray into Manhattan retailing by parent Nordstrom, is an enticing place where all the merchandise is chosen with great care and taste, and all the profits go to programs to benefit people in need.  The store showcases an eclectic mix of jewelry, accessories, clothing and home décor items.

imageMy prints are displayed on the first floor, amidst leopard skin wedge boots, candles from Venice, jewelry inspired by Mexican antiquities, giant hand-crocheted pouffes, and mojito muddler kits.  The prints are offered both framed and unframed.

Please stop by. 

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