December 20, 2011

Berkshire Creative Challenge: Rennie & Rose and Rosen

At 2AM one late October night, I received an email invitation to participate in this year’s Berkshire Creative Challenge. The Challenge is an annual opportunity for Berkshire-based businesses to partner with the creative community.  I wrote an essay, answered some questions, pointed to the work on my website and sent it off.


This year, Rennie & Rose, a family-owned home furnishings manufacturer in Adams, MA was the hosting business for the Challenge. In mid-November, I was notified that I made the first cut—one of several candidates to be asked to visit Rennie & Rose, learn more about their products and operations, and do a design assignment:  interpret a piece of art for the home furnishings market; show how it would work on a pillow, placemat and runner.

After presenting a series of design ideas to Rennie & Rose last month, I learned that I won the Berkshire Creative Challenge.  I am excited to be able to collaborate with Rennie & Rose on future design projects. Thank you Rennie & Rose. Thank you Berkshire Creative.



December 2011